Hello there! We are two creative freelancer and artists.

Soyeon is an illustrator whereas Julie is an Art & Crossmedia Designer.

As friends and partners we decided to create this digital exhibition platform, to spread & share with you our works.

Our exhibitions are based on changing themes, which are individually interpreted by us in a visual dialogue.


exhibition /2021

I often perceive reality in a dreamy or doubtful way like a soap bubble, as if it is about to burst. 


My interpretation of physicality led me to create the art series "SO REAL SURREAL". They represent my personal surreal world as a linocut and pencil drawing. The pictures invite the viewer into a surreal world. The subjects of pictures show things that is out of touch with reality, which challenge the viewer's imagination.


Outgoing from physicality I interpreted the meaning of the aura as an individual energy field tied to the human body and therefore created an artistic field research over the interhuman space of people in Osaka in Japan.


Unlike the aura, which surrounds each human being like a little universe, interhuman space only appears when different auras collide. Interhuman space depends on outer physicality to rush auras to touch and release each other. Thus I chose as an dynamic landscape one of the most densed places in Japan: the metro.

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